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Nothing is more difficult than getting rid of a tough pest infestation. In addition to giving you the creeps, those bugs might also terrify your wife and kids. However, you don't have to let bugs destroy your domestic happiness. By following a few instructions and working with a trained professional, you can take care of pests in a hurry. I want to walk you through the importance of proper pest control, which is one of the reasons I put up this site. Check out my articles to learn how to clean your house, adjust your landscaping, and prepare your place for pest control applications.

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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard By Pests In Your Home: 3 Ways To Keep Unwanted Guests Out

Keeping your home free of pests is an ongoing task. Common-sense tactics such as regular cleaning and sealing openings are a good start. However, there are some ways insects can infest your home and yard that may not be so obvious, especially if you are new homeowner. Protect Your Pool From Infestations While pools are great for recreation and exercise, they require weekly and sometimes daily upkeep to keep them free of bugs. Read More 

Eliminating Unwanted Pests: How To Check The Home For Pesky Termites And Remove Them

Do you think there is a good chance that termites are living in your home? The thing about termites is that they are known to eat wood. If they are eating away at the wood in your home, there is a fairly good chance that they will cause some serious damage. If they are not properly taken care of within a reasonable amount of time, you could end up paying thousands of dollars to repair the damages that were caused by these annoying pests. Read More 

How To Protect Your Vegetable Garden From Two Harmful Insects

Because you put a lot of time and effort into your vegetable garden, you don't want any insects or pests to destroy or harm it. There are many types of insects that can quickly destroy much of your vegetable garden as they feast on your plants. Here are two harmful garden insects and how to protect your garden from them. Fire Ants Fire ants in your garden can be hard to miss, especially when they build a large crumbly mound of earth around the entrance to their ground nest. Read More 

Winter Time Termite Control: Protect Your Home Before Spring And Summer Arrive

If you live in a part of the United States that experiences blizzards, snowstorms and intense wind conditions every winter, inspect your roof now to protect your home from termites in the spring and summer. Shingles can loosen up and blow off your home's foundation during seasonal storms. The wooden foundation beneath the roof's underlayment bogs down with water and rots, which places your home at risk for insect damage in the spring and summer seasons. Read More 

Reduce The Risk Of Termites By Pretreating Your New Home

If you are getting ready to build a new home, you will want to do everything in your power to ensure that your home stands for years to come. Unfortunately, this may not be the case if you have to deal with termites a few years after you complete your construction. The good news is, you do not have to wait until you have termites to treat them. The best time to treat your home is before and during construction. Read More