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Nothing is more difficult than getting rid of a tough pest infestation. In addition to giving you the creeps, those bugs might also terrify your wife and kids. However, you don't have to let bugs destroy your domestic happiness. By following a few instructions and working with a trained professional, you can take care of pests in a hurry. I want to walk you through the importance of proper pest control, which is one of the reasons I put up this site. Check out my articles to learn how to clean your house, adjust your landscaping, and prepare your place for pest control applications.

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Tips For Eliminating Your Garage’s Mice Problem

If you were cleaning out your garage this past weekend and discovered that mice have moved in, then you need to take steps to remove them. Rodents carry diseases that can make your family members ill and they are very destructive when they get into your living and storage spaces. For these reasons, you must exterminate the mice as soon as possible and then prevent their relatives from re-entering the space. To do so effectively, follow each of these tips: Read More 

Attic To Bedroom Conversions: 3 Ways To Get Rodents Under Control

You rarely gave a thought to your attic space, until you needed another room to accommodate your growing family. Unfortunately, your first trek up there in years did not go as expected. While you knew that there was clutter to clear out, the last thing that you expected to find was a rodent taking up residence where you want to put your kids. Before you start converting your attic into another living space, use these strategies to eliminate the rodents and prevent them from returning: Read More 

Tips For Protecting Your Home Against Termites

A termite problem can result in substantial structural and cosmetic damages that will require expensive repairs. Unfortunately, those that do not understand their options for preventing termite damages can unknowingly place themselves at risk. This can expose homeowners to a much higher chance of their property encountering serious termite damage. Minimize Leaks And Other Sources Of Water Leaking and standing water is the biggest attractor of termites. Prolonged exposure to moisture can result in wood rotting, and this is a preferred food source for termites. Read More 

Solving Your Ant Problem

An ant infestation in your kitchen or multiple rooms inside your house is frustrating, confusing, and a little gross. You might feel like you keep a neat home and wonder why they keep showing up and how you can stop them. Try these suggestions. Use Peppermint The minty, pleasant odor of peppermint can be energizing and uplifting for humans. Ants, however, are overwhelmed by the scent. The strong odor is disorienting and can mask the smell of food that could be luring them into the house in the first place. Read More 

The Pied Piper Of Rats: Ways To Call Rats To Their Deaths

Rats are an enormous problem for older homes, restaurants, and warehouses. Where you see one rat, you can generally assume there are two dozen more. Setting out bait and traps does not always get all the rats either. If you really want them gone, you will need an expert in rodent control services, or become the pied piper of rats. Here is how you can (almost) become the latter. Set out Rotting Food as Bait Read More